The THINGS take Switzerland

1 03 2012

A couple of weeks ago, some visitors decided to stop by. The timing wasn’t great because I had just started my new job and am also attending university courses for the first time in 20 years. That double whammy had me going to bed at 9pm every night for the first two weeks because I was simply exhausted.

The THINGS, as they are known, belong to my only good Canadian friend, the lovely and hilarious Ironic Mom. She is sending them around the world in place of her 7-year-old twins. (Though I’m sure that on some days she would have been quite happy to send the twins.) On their Excellent Adventure, which started last summer, they have already criss-crossed the United States and Zurich was the first stop on the European leg of their tour.

In addition to my new job, we were in the middle of an incredible cold snap, with daytime high temperatures of minus 15 degrees Celsius (3 degrees F for you Fahrenheit types). So flying and rollerblading – my staple activities when the weather cooperates – were simply out of the question. Actually, anything that required leaving a heated building was rather painful and not recommended.

(Maybe they can stop back here in the summer?)

Other hosts have been very creative with their blog entries about the THINGS’ visit – writing in rhymes and singing in harmonies – I’m afraid all I can offer is a few photos of nothing special in the land of cows and chocolate.

"We’re here!"

"Geez. Looks cold out there."

"SH*T. It IS cold out here."

"Want to go for a hike?" "No thanks, not today."

So to escape Switzerland’s harshest winter in three decades (and as a warmer alternative to any outdoor sports activity), we went to the gym. The THINGS hid in my locker until they realized that it was ME that would be working out… that they were just along for the ride.

"Get out of there, you two."

On the rowing machine…

…the bouncy gym ball…

…and the crosstrainer.

We did venture out into the city one day, and made some more friends (animal and human) in the department store’s extensive Switzerland souvenir department.


… as the salespeople wondered what the hell they were doing climbing into the souvenir kiddie mugs.

To end their visit we made one last stop, at the world-famous Spruengli chocolate store. After all, what do Swiss people need all those cows for, anyway? Because they are the world’s largest per capita consumers of chocolate!

The THINGS knew this, but had to wait till their final day here to partake in the experience.

"Yum, look at all those chocolate cakes..."

"...and the pyramids of macaroons."

The THINGS got enough of the “food of the Gods” to last them till they arrive at the next stop on their world tour. (Trust me.) They are off to the UK next, where I’m hoping Spring has sprung and they get to spend more time outdoors. Watch for further installments of their Excellent Adventure on

Meantime… I have to get back to my new job.

Shoes definitely NOT made for walking.



17 responses

1 03 2012
Renée A. Schuls-Jacobson

I TOLD people that where the THINGS go, there is havoc in the global temperatures. We were supposed to have winter when they came to Rochester; meanwhile, the THINGS broke the world because….um…still no snow! And look at you with the coldest temperatures in 30 years. Cray-zee. Glad to know the THINGS got there. I think Leanne owes me sixty-bajillion dollars for postage to Switzerland. 😉

Great shoes, by the way!

1 03 2012
Evelynn Starr

Yes, I think you need to claim that cash. She should have told you you didn’t have to send them international registered mail.

(Thanks for the shoe compliment. They’re Anne Klein, got ’em on sale at the outlet mall.)

2 03 2012
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2 03 2012

So the Things double as weights while working out. Who knew?

I’ve always had a soft spot for Switzerland, ever since it was the subject of my 6th grade country report. I’m jealous that they got to have such delicious chocolate!

2 03 2012
Evelynn Starr

Wow, sixth grade! You have GOT to come sometime, even if it’s just to see if what you wrote about in sixth grade is really true or not.

2 03 2012

Okay, I’m a sucker for these types of stories. Love the photos, but highly recommend they return in the summer!

2 03 2012
Evelynn Starr

Yeah, and hopefully a summer without fog. 😉

2 03 2012
Running from Hell with El

Ah! It is so neat to see all of these pictures of the Things in Switzerland! And it is great to meet a friend of Renee’s and Leanne’s–great to meet you! I am El and I live near Washington, D.C. Oh, and uh can you please send me some chocolate?

p.s. I loved the gym pictures. I run a lot.

2 03 2012
Evelynn Starr

Nice to meet you too, El! Thank’s for writing!

You’re gonna have to be a bit more specific on the chocolate order, though… There must be a million different kinds here.

2 03 2012

WHAT?! Why do Things 1 and 2 get chocolate but not me?

I know I’m 30, but it’s totally acceptable for me to throw a tantrum when it involves chocolate. So hmph.

3 03 2012
Evelynn Starr

Send yourself to Switzerland by registered mail in a padded envelope, and I will certainly make sure you get some, dear. 😉

10 03 2012
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10 03 2012

Looks as though you had fun. They’ve arrived, and are causing problems already!

10 03 2012
Evelynn Starr

Oh dear! Well…erm.. have fun anyway!!

(And sorry about your doorbell!)

10 03 2012

😉 No doubt we’ll survive. 😆

9 04 2012
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27 04 2012
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