Hello world!

8 07 2010

How the hell are you? Oh now isn’t THIS exciting. You’re there and I’m here. And wow, well, HERE WE ARE! Is anybody even out there? Well it doesn’t matter, does it. If a tree falls in a forest, it still makes a sound.

Hello World!

So what do I have to say? I’m not sure yet. And why would anybody want to read it? Hm. Good question. Hoping this project will grow, mutate and mature with time. This blog business is all a bit new for me – I feel like I was born a generation too early for this kind of thing. I’m also a bit out of practice when it comes to writing so some of it might seem a bit rough in the beginning. So not really great prerequisites for a smashing success. But this super action heroine will probably always have SOMEthing to say, even if no one’s listening.

A very good friend who started a parenting blog last year wrote that starting a blog is kind of like giving birth: “[The] moment when theory becomes practice, when – almost literally – the shit hits the fan…an epiphany of self-doubt is born.”

Well my dear IronicMom you are my inspiration. Let us self-doubt together, thousands of miles apart. Starting with nothing – a blank computer screen – and turning it into something substantial is the toughest job of all.



One response

8 07 2010

Welcome, you future blog-star, you! Happy to be an inspiration. Now maybe I can get some back…since I haven’t posted in over a week.

Can’t wait to read more of your thoughts.

And, if you think a blank computer screen is bad, try a blank brain. That’s what I’m dealing with.

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